Strategic Marketing Designer

Translating business and marketing objectives into visual stories through graphic design and communication

Fast Forward creates events with superior service, flexibility and verve. With one goal in mind: making your brand stand out and to let people experience your brand.

Brand Activations | Creative Events | Digital meets Live 

My tasks: Event communication, logos & visuals | Creative concept & approach | Teaser, invite & registration | On site visuals | Design, copy, coordination & follow-up from A to Z | Own Fast Forward Communication 

Bekina is an international business group of four B2B focused companies with exports to over 50 countries. About 80% of the group’s marketing & communication efforts go to Bekina Boots.

My tasks for Bekina Boots: Corporate identity & Rebranding | Packaging & POS material | Product launches & International exhibitions | Photography (both coordination and guidance to own shoots) | Support sales teams with customized tools | Advertising & press | Competition dossiers | Organizing company visits & open day | Website & jobsite | Manage supplier network | …  

BeSealed®, an in-house brand of Bekina Compounds, grew to become a global reference for waterproofing concrete structures.

Some of my tasks for BeSealed®: Integration and visualisation of the overall concept in promotional material for the sales teams, with the sales brochure as the main tool.



Working successfully with Anneleen since years, she perfectly understands the key message we need to bring whether it is more b2b or b2c orientated and converts this into outstanding visual art.

Jan Terras

Sales, CTF2000

This is me



Ever since my childhood, I’ve been drawing, painting,… creating. Being creative to me is expressing a process, is growing and moving forward. It’s the oxygen for my busy mind.



Finding peace of mind, I do in nature. Starting the day, jogging through the fields, that’s when I reload.
Pushing bounderies

Pushing bounderies

From time to time, I like pushing my bounderies too. Like jumping out of a plane – what I did twice some time ago :-D.

Me as a Strategic Marketing Designer

Creating a brands’ personality based on its strengths and values is what I do. Therefor, understanding the relationship between business and design is crucial, ’cause for your company, you want the creative efforts to reflect in the results. Combining my experience in different areas, I translate your message clear and unambiguous enhanced by powerful visual elements. Then, editing those visuals cross-functionally to keep all marketing consistent across multiple platforms (web, print, presentations, …)


to differentiate you from your competitors 

Do not expect a bunch of marketing terms, just an open and honest approach and a very concrete elaboration. Direct and to-the-point. In every detail, from start to finish.


to bring your company to a higher level 

Interacting and working with other entrepreneurs who are as passionate as me about what they do energizes me and gives me the necessary boost to kick-off a project.

With a little twist

creating your brands’ personality

I’ll find you the right font, the right colour, the right image… but I’m at my best when I’m given the freedom to add a personal touch and a ‘tad of difference’.

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Strategic Marketing Designer

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